the work of andrew enoch
web : print : multimedia design

specializing in:
flash/html websites, banners, splash pages, navigation elements
cd and lp cover/packaging design
clothing graphics, flyers, posters, and promotional elements
i.d. design, business cards, and collateral elements

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recent webwork by andrew enoch

Communicating Vessels: a record label
AFAP: Action on Poverty
Maya Yoga
Schreuder Engineering
Analog Transmission
Stay Human Now
Grant Lyon
Remy Zero
Tara Marynowsky
Sound Bites Dog
Care for Kindies

Saul Williams
“the threshold king of everything”..Saul Williams has a new website.
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DJ Spooky
the script has been flipped..a new site for Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid. DJ, musician, author, filmmaker, philosopher and cultural psychonaut investigating the friction between ideas and expression. A new site with a comment system and web twopointoh features..ready to take it to the next next...
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Brian Jackson
deep, dark, and delicious site for the legendary Brian Jackson. Known to many as Gil Scott-Heron's co-conspirator on more than a dozen albums and heard by even more via the heavy sampling of his ouevre by folks that recognize the best. And hell..a continuing theme with people I work with...he's a really nice guy! It continues to do we all...
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a subliminal dreamscape for Isidore, a musical collaboration between Jeffrey Cain of Remy Zero and Steve Kilbey, vocalist / songwriter from the Aussie band, The Church. A drifting, mood-soaked album created across oceans, continent to continent, just a brilliant piece of art. The site is and drag...and more. Beautiful project...
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Errata Erratum
with DJ Spooky, that Subliminal Kid

an interactive art piece for the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. Featuring the Rotoreliefs of Marcel Duchamp, music loops and graf tags by Dj Spooky, the game of chess, and your remix...

Dead Snares

Gabriel Serpa

Rhythm Science

21c Magazine

A Different Utopia: Project for a New Kalakuta Republic 2003